2 December 2022

On December 2, 2022, everyone is invited to log on to attend the CONCLUSIVE CONFERENCE OF THE LIFE FOR LASCA PROJECT. After five years of activity, the LIFE for LASCA project dedicated to the conservation of the Lasca (Protochondrostoma genei) is in the home stretch. Started in 2017, it has seen the collaboration of Italian and Slovenian actors for the conservation of this endemic species of the Veneto Po River District and Slovenia.

The Lasca has almost completely disappeared along the middle and lower reaches of the Po River and in Slovenia, mainly due to interactions with introduced fish species and the progressive degradation of river environments; today it is classified by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as an Endangered species . It shares this fate with numerous other fish species of riverine environments, but thanks to the actions conducted by Ticino Park and the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia (FRIS) in recent years under the LIFE project, some results give hope for some progress in the conservation of this cyprinid.
The concluding conference, live from Slovenia, will be an opportunity to draw an interesting account of the conservation status of this and other endangered fish species in Italy and Slovenia thanks to scientific contributions from experts and researchers from universities and research institutes. It will also be an opportunity to illustrate some important results achieved by the Interreg Sharesalmo project on Marbled Trout.